ER-10 Wire Torsion Testing Machine



Application Field

ER-10 wire torsion winding test machine is a new type of wire torsion winding test machine. The machine is a horizontal structure and consists of loading, transmission, winding, afterburning, tracking, and other parts. It is suitable for a nominal diameter of Φ1. -Testing of the torsion and winding performance of Φ10mm steel wire; rotation speed: 15, 20, 30, 60 rpm adjustable. It mainly measures the ability of the wire to withstand plastic deformation in one-way, two-way torsion or winding, and shows the surface and internal defects of the wire.

Structure and Characteristics

1. Main machine: adopts horizontal structure, and the main structure adopts frame structure to ensure the rigidity of the whole machine. The mandrel is made of high-quality alloy structural steel with smooth surface and high rigidity to ensure its service life.

2. Drive system: motor drive, large rotating torque, uniform loading, stable and no impact.

3. Transmission system: use precision reducer to ensure the uniformity, stability and high transmission accuracy of the transmission.

According to the Standard

It conforms to standards of ASTM A938, ISO 7800: 2003, GB/T 239-1998, GB 10128 and others equivalent.

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The maximum distance between the two chucks


Rotation speed

 15, 20, 30, 60

Jaw hardness


Working noise of the testing machine


Wire diameter


Winding speed


Effective working length of mandrel


Power supply

380V, 50Hz

Winding direction

forward or reverse

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