WAW-L 5000KN Hydraulic Servo Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

  • Capacity: 5000KN
  • Effective test length: 120000mm
  • Effective test width: 895mm
  • Specification


    Application Field

    The horizontal tensile testing machine adopts a front-mounted cylinder and a double-column structure. The frame has high rigidity and small deformation. It meets the mechanical testing requirements of steel wire ropes, anchor chains, guide rails, conveyor belts, wires and cables, and more.

    Key Features

    The level is adjustable, which is convenient for test requirements of different lengths. Adopting our company's self-developed and proprietary multi-channel closed-loop coordinated loading electro-hydraulic servo control system, computer-controlled multi-level hydraulic loading, stable continuous loading, multi-level test force maintenance, automatic continuous and stable loading, automatic load retention, automatic acquisition It also stores data, stores and draws curves, and automatically prints test reports. The computer controls the test process in a timely manner, displays test force and test curves, and is simple and reliable to operate.

    According to the Standard

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    Meet the general technical requirements of GB/T2611 testing machine

    Comply with GB/T12718-2009 mining high-strength round link chain standard


    WAW-L 5000KN

    Maximum test force


    Maximum stroke of the oil cylinder


    Effective test length


    Effective test width




    Test speed


    Displacement resolution


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